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Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I submit an application for a Marine Event?

  •  Click the Featured Homeport Links dropdown under the gray Homeport banner and then select the Marine Event Permit option.
  •  The process of entering the data in the form has not changed.

When you submit the the form a completion message displays with a list of Sector offices.

Will it take longer to get my Marine Event application approved?

No, the marine event application process has not changed. Your application goes to your Sector office for action.

If more information is needed, a representative from the office will contact you. Once approved or rejected, you will receive an email.

Who can I contact if I have questions about a specific feature on Homeport?

Consult the Homeport 2.0 User Guide 2017 for Homeport specific information about Homeport features.

Call Product Support Service Desk at phone number 304-262-5971 or 877-872-4999.

Email Product Support Service Desk at

What happened to my published content?

Content that appeared under the heading Supporting Documents now appears under the heading Attachments and is listed by file name.

Content that was accessed by clicking a View Document link now appears under the heading Attachments and is listed by file name.

Items that appeared under the headings Related Items or Related Content were not migrated. These items were links to content published to another content area.