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What's New

Homeport has recently gone through a major redesign. Site visitors may notice changes to content layout, presentation aesthetics, etc.This page provides information on some of the changes you will find.

Enhanced Search

  • Improved search functionality has been implemented to incorporate SharePoint search capabilities.
    • Search bars have been consolidated into one main search at the top of each page.
  • Previous searches (People, Vessel, Facility, etc.) are still present and can be accessed from the My Homeport page.

Better Navigation

"Mega Menu"

  • Homeport 2.0 features a new "Mega Menu" that replaces the previous tabs and absorbs the legacy left sidebar.
  • The menu uses multi-level drop down navigation to reduce the number of clicks necessary to navigate to your content.
    • Reducing clicks and page loads enables faster access to the various areas within Homeport.

Notable Changes

  • The Library tab has been removed and its contents moved under the Missions tab.
  • A new My Communities tab has been created.
  • The Port directory is now a drop-down menu.
  • Featured links have been moved to a drop-down menu located to the left of the main search bar.


  • Certain links have been reorganized within the Footer section of each page:
    • Homeport Information Links
    • Homeland Security Links
    • Government Links
    • Coast Guard Quick Links

News blocks

  • Information from the Maritime Commons Blog is presented in the Homeport News block.


  • Because of some of the restructuring of content, web addresses may have been updated or changed.
    • Don't forget to check your bookmarks for potential changes.