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Here is the latest information regarding the Kilauea Volcano-Kamokua Lava Delta Flow entry into the Pacific Ocean on the Southeast Side of the Big Island, HI:

Kamokuna Delta Lava Flow  Kamakuna Lava  Kamokuna Lava 2

UPDATE: A safety zone is being enforced for the Kilauea Volcano lava flow ocean entry on the Southeast side of the Big Island, Hawaii, near the Mackenzie State Park lower Puna region.

Final Rule (FR):

On May 11, 2018, the Captain of the Port Honolulu issued a Final Rule establishing a permanent Safety Zone for the navigable waters surrounding the entry of lava from Kilauea volcano into the Pacific Ocean on the southeast side of the Island of Hawaii.  The Safety Zone encompasses all waters extending 300 meters (984 feet) in all directions around all entry points of lava flow into the ocean.  To view this Final Rule and supporting documents, go to, type USCG-2017-0234 into the "SEARCH" box, and click "SEARCH." Click on Open Docket Folder on the line associated with this rule.  The Final Rule may also be viewed in the attachments on the Right side of this page.

Hazards associated with lava entering the ocean include explosions of large chunks of hot rock and debris, release of toxic gases, and a collapse of the lava delta. Ocean lava entrance hazards, including wind direction changes, lava splattering and explosions, and lava delta bench formation collapse is extremely difficult to predict therefore the Coast Guard established this Safety Zone restricting vessels from approaching closer than 300 meters from any lava entering the ocean at this site.


Marine Safety Information Bulletin (MSIB):

Also attached on the Right Side of this Page are the latest MSIBs regarding requests for entry into the permanent Safety Zone.

Mariners wishing to enter the Safety Zone are required to submit a written request to the Captain of the Port Honolulu prior to entering the 300 meter safety zone to include but not limited to the vessel's material condition, safety equipment, safety redundancies, general safety practices and procedures, specific safety practices and procedures for operating near the lava ocean entry, familiarity with the surrounding waters, and experience, if any, operating as a Coast Guard-credentialed mariner. 



Below are links to additional safety information provided by the U.S. Geological Survey regarding establishment of this Safety Zone. Journal articles can be found as attachments on the Right side of this page.
Mattox, T. N. and M. T. Mangan. (1997). Littoral hydrovolcanic explosions: a case study of lava - seawater interaction at Kilauea Volcano. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 75: 1-17.
Poland, M. P. and T. R. Orr. (2014). Identifying hazards associated with lava deltas. Bulletin of Volcanology 76:880.









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