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FEMA published ICS forms in the FEMA ICS Forms Booklet, FEMA 502-2 (attached as "ics_forms_2010".  These are only available via an Adobe PDF booklet.  The U.S. Coast Guard has adopted some of these for Coast Guard (USCG) use since they are the national standard.  Until they are fully implemented and format corrected to be usable, the USCG will continue to utilize the USCG All-Risk/All-Hazard Incident Command System (ICS) Forms.  The USCG ICS Forms are one of several tools that are available to support personnel managing a response to an incident and in completing an Incident Action Plan (IAP).  There will be several forms that the USCG has developed that NIMS has not recognized and these will continue to be maintained and used by the USCG. 

The USCG adapted most of our forms from Wildfire NIIMS, and most of the changes made were to "blow the smoke/fire" off them and make them more all-risk, all-hazard. The USCG has added several forms for use that NIMS and Wildfire NIIMS does not recognize, including the 202a, 204a, 205a, 208, 213RR, 214a, 215a, etc.  All USCG forms have "-CG" after the form number. The USCG no longer recognizes the "-OS" forms which were our original "oil spill" adaptations but have put "-CG" behind all forms we have adapted or created.

There are several forms the USCG has not adapted at all - which are the ICS 210, 213, 217, 218 and 219 (do not have -CG after them). These are forms that the USCG has chosen to use the Wildfire NIIMS forms without modification. These forms can be found in the NWCG forms section below. All wildfire NIIMS forms may be used instead of the Coast Guard versions.

The USCG forms must be printed locally and cannot be ordered, but you can order wildfire NIIMS forms from NIFC. The ICS 213RR-CG and ICS 237 forms are multi-ply OCR form that DCMS, Area and FORCECOM maintain limited stock. Units may print the ICS-213RR and ICS 237 from the word or PDF file. 

Newest updated forms have been posted as attachments - 2024

Questions about the ICS Forms can be directed to the ICS Program Managers at










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