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ICS Position Qualification/Certification
CG members shall use the PQS workbook to obtain position specific ICS competencies.
ICS Position PQS Workbooks
Please refer to the attached All Hazard NIMS ICS Training Job Aid for detailed information about how the PQS workbook is to be utilized.
Changes to the workbooks during this revision focused on updating job tasks, format, and alignment with FEMA qualifications. The tasks were adjusted to have knowledge and performance focused tasks. The on the job (OJT) tasks in each workbook are generally the same as the previous version, allowing for easy transfer of signatures from the previous version to the revised version.
The Coast Guard is working through a multi-year effort to update the 2014 PQS workbooks. These updates will focus on a detailed revision of the OJT tasks in each workbook.
Completion of an equivalent FEMA ICS course is accepted as meeting the training minimum requirements. However, most of the FEMA courses do not cover the depth of material or the same level of performance based training that is provided in the Coast Guard ICS courses. Students attending Coast Guard ICS courses will receive a course worksheet noting the PQS items that were performed under the supervision of an instructor in the classroom in a controlled environment for unit validation and sign off.
Questions about the ICS Program can be directed to the ICS Program Managers: LCDR Benjamin Cariddi, LCDR Terry Plank, and LT Marshall Grant at









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