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​Upon request, Sector Houston-Galveston will grant special consideration in accordance with 46 CFR 136.120 for storage of flammable or combustible products that do not meet the requirements listed in 46 CFR 142.225. The request can be made via documentation via the vessel survey, the ship's particulars, or company business letter. Any such special consideration will be notated on the COI issued from this office.

This office will accept aluminum construction of the flammable/combustible storage cabinets under the following circumstances:

  • Must be on the weather deck;
  • Cannot be adjacent to sleeping quarters or stacks;
  • Must be stowed away from ignition sources;
  • Must be made of minimum 1/4" aluminum;
  • Welded construction;
  • Maximum size - 30 cubic feet; and
  • Must meet other requirements in 142.225 (i.e. secured to vessel and have additional 40-B portable extinguisher near locker).

For new towing vessels: Must conform to standards within current regulations.

If the arrangement on your vessel differs from the above listed requirements, please contact either Sector Houston-Galveston or MSU Texas City so that we can review the arrangement to ensure that it meets a similar standard of safety. We will consider deviations from this special consideration on a case-by-case basis.









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