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In accordance with 33 CFR 156 Subpart B, vessels desiring to conduct lightering of hazardous materials beyond the baseline must have approval from Commandant. CG-ENG-5 is the office responsible for reviewing these requests. The following procedures should be followed when requesting to conduct lightering of hazardous materials.
-          Email the request to conduct lightering with all required documentation (see below) to:
-          The request must be received at least 5 business days before the transfer.
-          The request should include the following items required by 33CFR156.210(b),  33CFR156.215(a), and CG-ENG-5
o    Vessels’ names
o    Vessels’ call signs or official number
o    Vessels’ registry
o    Shipping name of cargo
o    Amount onboard that will be lightered
o    Number of transfers expected & amount of cargo expected to be transferred during each transfer
o    Lightering location or zone
o    Estimated time of arrival in the lightering location
o    Estimated duration of transfer operations
o    Name & destination of any service vessels
o    Estimated frequency of subsequent lightering (if any)
o    Copy of COCs of each vessel
o    Copy of Certificate of Fitness (if applicable)
o    Copy of ISM Certificates for each vessel
o    Copy of IOPPs for each vessel indicating carriage of cargo to be transferred (if applicable)
o    Copy of class or flag certified page of their shipboard STS procedures (just title or page indicating review stamp by class)
o    Certificate of hoses for liquefied gas transfers (if applicable)
o    Copy of MSDS or Safety Data Sheet for chemicals to be transferred

o    Name of POAC (Person in Overall Advisory Command) if applicable

An optional checklist is attached for use if desired.









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