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united states coast guard

Sector Virginia
Marine Safety Information Bulletin

(757) 374-3408

MSIB Number: 20-124
May 14, 2020

COVID-19: Port and Facility Operations - UPDATE 2

Coast Guard Headquarters has released its own MSIB 07/20 Change 2 - COVID-19: Port and Facility Operations which updates previous guidance. It is strongly encouraged that all maritime stakeholders read that MSIB as it stresses the importance of finding alternative ways of conducting operations while still adhering to important safety and security standards. This updated includes updates regarding Declarations of Inspection (DOI), frequency of required equipment testing, Third Party Audits/Assessments related to facility security, and facility safety/security inspections. This is an update to MSIBs 20-066 and 20-096.

In addition, Sector Virginia requests to be notified of any actual or imminent disruption to port facilities or any aspect of our Marine Transportation System due to COVID-19. This includes facilities and services such as marine terminals, pilotage services, tug services, public transportation/ferry services, impacts to critical cargo, ships in port, drawbridge operations, shipyard/marine repair facilities, ship's agent services, among many others.

As always, make notifications about immediately hazardous conditions to the Coast Guard by contacting the Sector Virginia Command Center on VHF-FM Channel 16 or by calling 757-483-8567. For COVID-19 related non-emergency notifications, please notify the Port Safety and Security Branch at 757-668-5525 or

Form CG-11410A may also be used to provide non-emergency notifications. Despite the language in the form, for the COVID-19 emergency the Coast Guard presumes that all facilities and services remain fully available unless notified otherwise.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this MSIB, the Headquarters MSIB, or port facility status notifications, please contact the Sector Virginia Port Safety and Security Branch at (757) 668-5525 or









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