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A Towing Vessel Bridging Program (TVBP) has been initiated by the Office of Vessel Activities (CG-5431) to ease the transition and ensure that both the Coast Guard and the towing vessel industry are informed and prepared to meet the new requirements to be finalized in Subchapter M.  This goal will be accomplished by enhancing, improving, and increasing Coast Guard interactions with the towing vessel industry, and by acclimating all involved with the procedures, policy, requirements and administration of existing and, as implementation draws closer, new Subchapter M regulations.  To further these ends, during this period of transition the Coast Guard will conduct extensive industry outreach, properly train our people, and will examine every uninspected towing vessel (UTV) that will be inspected under Subchapter M.

- TVBP Outreach, Orientation, and Indoc Workbook, Rev. 7-09 updated pgs 42-55, Companies Hosting CG Examiners.
- PQS, Rev 8-09 updated pg 48, added signature block for SD25.
- 8/31/09 Added AUX UTV PQS to list of documents.
- 9/1/09 Updated Outreach, Orientation, and Indoc Workbook, rev 9-09 updated pgs 40-41 adding submission instruction for survey and pgs 42-55, Companies Host CG Examiners.
- 10/14/09 Updated Outreach, Orientation, and Indoc Workbook, rev 10-09 updated pgs 40-41 adding block 11 to survey.
- 11/02/09 Updated Outreach, Orientation, and Indoc Workbook, rev 11-09 updated pgs 28-39 adding Examiners name and unit to required information on the surveys.
- 12/10/09 Updated and added PowerPoint presentation used at Workboat Show.
-  7/6/10 Added TVBP Update msg released by CG-54 July 2, 2010
- 12/21/10 Added updated UTV MISLE User Guide
- 10/25/11  Added new exam form and instructions.
- 1/17/12  Added 2011 Year-end Close out metrics
- 5/7/12  Added TVBP Update msg released May 4, 2012.
- 5/22/13 Added UTV Training Aid, Rev2
- 8/19/14 Added TVBP Update msg #4
- Added latest version of the Exam Form

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For questions on the Towing Vessel Bridging Program, contact Mr. Patrick Lee at or (202) 372-1135.










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