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? Tank Vessel and Offshore Division Plan Review
Doc ID # Topic
C1-01 Sistership Determination and Extension of Plan Approvals
C1-03 Crane Lifting Calculations
C1-05 OSV General Arrangement
C1-06 OSV Stability
C1-08 OSV Structural Fire Protection
C1-09 General Arrangement, Structures and Structural Fire Protection Plans for Non-Tank Barges Inspected under 46 CFR Subchapter I
C1-10 Miscellaneous Barge Stability
C1-11 Generation of a Tank Barge's Plan Review Information Sheet (PRIS)
C1-12 Inland Tank Barge Structures and Longitudinal Strength
C1-13 Inland Tank Barge Stability (Intact/Damage), Lightship, and Special Loading Authorization
C1-14 Oceangoing Tank Barge; Structures and Longitudinal Strength
C1-15 Oceangoing Tank Barge Stability (intact/damage), Lightship, and Special Loading Authorization
C1-16 Inland/Ocean Tank Barge General Arrangements
C1-17 Oil Field Waste Barge General Arrangements, Structures, and Stability
C1-20 Oil Spill Response Vessels (OSRV), Lightship and Stability
C1-28 Gas Carrier Plan Review Information Sheet
C1-29 Gas Carrier General Arrangements
C1-30 Gas Carrier Stability
C1-31 Gas Carrier Structural Fire Protection
C1-32 Gas Carrier/Barge Structures
C2-33 Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) Stability Calculations
C1-34 Liftboat Stability Calculations
C1-35 Liftboat General Arrangement Plans
C2-36 Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) General Arrangement Plans
C1-40 Inland Tank Barge Cargo Authority

Gas Carrier Barge Cargo Authority

C1-42 Oceangoing Tank Barge Cargo Authority
C1-43 Foreign Liquefied Gas Carrier COC Endorsement
C1-44 Procedures & Arrangements Manual for U.S. Vessels that Trade Internationally
C1-46 Vapor Control Systems

? Engineering Division Plan Review
Doc ID # Topic
E1-02 Bilge and Ballast Systems
E1-03 Watermist Systems
E1-04 Compressed Air Systems
E1-05 Engine Cooling Systems
E1-06 Carbon Dioxide Systems
E1-07 Diesel Engine Exhaust System
E1-08 Clean Agent Fixed Fire Suppression Systems
E1-09 Fire Main Systems
E1-10 Fuel Oil Systems
E1-11 Foam Systems
E1-12 Fluid Power and Control Systems
E1-15 Industrial Systems
E1-16 Independent Tanks
E1-17 Lubricating Oil Systems
E1-18 Main/Auxiliary Boiler Systems
E1-19 Pressure Vessels
E1-21 Potable Water Systems
E1-24 Sanitary/Sewage Systems/Overboard Discharges and Drains
E1-26 Steering Gear Piping Systems
E1-27 Automatic Sprinkler Systems
E1-28 Fired Thermal Fluid Heaters
E1-29 Vents and Sounds
E1-32 Refrigeration Systems - Cargo
E1-35 Miscellaneous Piping Systems
E2-01 Vital System Automation
E2-02 General Emergency Alarm and Public Address Systems
E2-03 Sound Powered Phones
E2-04 Coordination Study
E2-05 Design Verification Test Procedures
E2-06 Electrical Load Analysis
E2-07 Electrical One-Line Diagram
E2-08 Emergency Generator/Switchboard
E2-09 Fire Detection Systems
E2-11 Electrical Plans - Barges
E2-12 Hazardous Locations
E2-14 Lighting Systems and Components
E2-15 Motor Circuits, Controllers, and Protection
E2-17 Periodic Safety Test Procedures
E2-18 Qualitative Failure Analysis
E2-19 Short Circuit Analysis
E2-20 Steering-Gear Electrical Systems
E2-21 Ship's Service Generator/Switchboard
E2-22 Boiler Control System
E2-23 Electrical Plans - Small Passenger Vessels (K&T)
E2-23Ref(k) G-MOC Policy Ltr No. 11-97, "Use of Miniature Thermal Overcurrent Circuit Breakers on Small Vessels"
E2-24 Dynamic Positioning Systems Review

  General Plan Review
Doc ID # Topic
GEN-02 Submission of Stability Test Results
GEN-03 Steel and Aluminum Structures
GEN-04 Ventilation Systems
GEN-05 Submission of Stability Test Procedures

? Hull Division Plan Review
Doc ID # Topic
H1-01 Stability for Monohull Power Small Passenger Vessels (T)
H1-04 Stability for Uninspected Tugboats (C)
H1-05 Stability for Catamaran Power Small Passenger Vessels (T)
H1-06 Stability for Sail Passenger Vessels (T)
H1-07 General Arrangement Plans for Small Passenger Vessels (T)
H1-10 Replaced by GEN-03
H1-12 Structural Plans for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Vessels
H1-12 Att 1 Accepted Fire Retardant Polyester Laminating Resins
H1-12 Att 2 Multihull Vessels--Simplified Cross Structure Evaluation
H1-13 Structural Plans for Wooden Vessels
H1-14 Stability for Uninspected Oceanographic Research Vessels (C)
H1-15 Review of Masts and Rigging Systems for Sailing Vessels
H1-16 Stability Review for Sailing Catamaran Small Pax Vsls (T)
H1-17 Stability for Sailing School Vessels (R)
H2-02 Replaced by GEN-02
H2-03 Passenger Vessel Stability (Subchapters K & H)
H2-04 Cargo and Miscellaneous Vessel Stability (Subchapter I)
H2-06 Trim & Stability (T&S) Booklets
H2-07 Replaced by GEN-03
H2-08 General Arrangements (H, I, K, U)
H2-09 Performance Based Design (PBD) Submissions
H2-10 Means of Escape (H)
H2-11 Emergency Evacuation Plans (NVIC 8-93)
H2-12 Subchapter K Emergency Evacuation Plans
H2-13 Vessel Structural Fire Protection
H2-14 Fire Load Calculations
H2-15 Fire Control Plans
H2-16 Control Verification Examination (CVE) Plans
H2-18 IMO High-Speed Craft Code - General Arrangements, Structural Fire Protection, and Means of Escape
H2-19 IMO High-Speed Craft Code - Stability
H2-20 Commercial Fishing Vessel Stability

? SOLAS Plan Review
Doc ID # Topic
SOLAS-01 Curved or Winding Stairs in Escape Path
SOLAS-02 Use of A-0 Rated Roller Shutters in Certain A-60 Bulkheads
SOLAS-03 CO2 Bottle Storage
SOLAS-05 Use of Flammable Liquid & Gas Storage Cabinets outside of Category 11, 12 or 14 Spaces
SOLAS-06 Installation of Low Location Lighting in Corridors
SOLAS-07 Galley range/grease duct structure
SOLAS-08 Openings in Watertight Divisions on HSC Code Vessels
SOLAS-09 Extent of Damage Applied to HSC Code Vessels
SOLAS-11 Suppression in galley ducts
SOLAS-13 Protection of Deck Openings in Two Deck spaces
SOLAS-14 Regulation 17 Alternative Design Documentation During the ICOC
SOLAS-24 Pool Machinery Spaces
SOLAS-25 Room-in-room construction
SOLAS-26 Access to Stairway Enclosures
SOLAS-28 Retractable roofs (Magradomes)
SOLAS-29 Overhanging decks
SOLAS-30 Technical spaces behind linings
SOLAS-32 Engine room controls
SOLAS-33 Aluminum/GRP plate use
SOLAS-37 Refrigerators
SOLAS-38 Public bathrooms in stairs
SOLAS-39 Cooking appliances on open decks
SOLAS-42 Categorization of pantries
SOLAS-44 30% open requirement of common spaces
SOLAS-45 Space categorization
SOLAS-47 Use of Combustible Materials
SOLAS-49 Locks and Latches in Doors in Escape Paths
SOLAS-50 Storage Areas Protected by High Pressure Water Mist Systems