The intent of the Maine and New Hampshire Area Contingency Plan (ACP) is to:


(1) Provide for orderly and effective implementation of response actions to protect the people, natural resources, and property of the coastal and inland zones of Maine and New Hampshire from the impacts of oil or hazardous substances spills.


(2) Promote the coordination of and describe the strategy for a unified and coordinated federal, state, tribal, local, and potential responsible party,  response to a discharge or substantial threat of discharge of oil or a release of a hazardous substance from inland and marine sources.


(3) Provide guidance to all facility response plan and vessel response plan reviewers and plan holders to ensure consistency with the Area Contingency Plan.


(4)  Ensure consistency in response to spill incidents by serving as a guidance manual for responders. Federal and state rules require that a Responsible Party (RP), or spiller, must be able to manage spills with a predesignated response management organization that accommodates a unified command structure in recognition of federal, state, tribal or local jurisdiction.



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