NOTE 24 March 2017: Updated Excel spreadsheet.

NOTE 06 March 2017: Updated Excel spreadsheet and Tips for Application document.

NOTE 23 Dec 2016: Updated Highlights and Tips for Application document to reflect changes due to Coast Guard type approval of multiple types of Ballast Water Management Systems (attached).

NOTE 02 Dec 2016: Updated Excel spreadsheet to require additional information, and to remove option for batch applications. As stated in Marine Safety Information Bulletin 14-16, "Now that a type approved BWMS is available, any owner/operator requesting an extension must provide the Coast Guard with an explicit statement supported by documentary evidence (e.g., a delay in commercial availability) that installation of the type approved system is not possible for purposes of compliance with the regulatory implementation schedule."

NOTE 16 Sept 2016: Updated Excel spreadsheet to revise column titles (to reduce confusion about original and extended compliance dates), and to request additional information if a vessel has installed a Ballast Water Management System.